DAVELCO is an Asturian family company, born in 1992, with a wide experience in these nearly thirty years in the rental of machinery within the sector of ancillary services for construction and civil works, acting throughout Spain and in international projects.

Since its twenty-fifth anniversary, DAVELCO has broadened its horizons by providing services in the international field, opening up markets in Latin America and, in recent years, in countries in West Africa. Likewise, in recent years we have obtained the approval to become a supplier for the various projects that the United Nations and its various bodies set in motion.

Since our foundation, the company has been engaged in the rental and sale of machinery, tools and equipment for the construction, industry, civil works and infrastructure sectors, specialising in the rental of small and medium sized machinery for the construction and industry sector, with occasional projects in mining.

In DAVELCO, the combination of the different profiles of the people linked both in the management and in the whole human team of the company, has allowed us to advance in a quality and personalised service, providing agile and effective answers to the problems of our clients in the execution of their work projects, providing them with the machinery and equipment that best fit their needs, with the provision of both rental and repair and maintenance services.

We have a wide range of machinery (skid-steer loaders, dumpers, excavators, compressors, rollers, worksite shelters, formwork…) equipped with products of leading and prestigious brands, which guarantees the possibility of providing the necessary means to solve the incidents that arise in the development of the interventions of our customers, both independent and companies and institutions. We have also focused part of our business on both corporate and private activities in the field of rental of small machines for gardening and agriculture.

We are a company committed to quality service and efficiency in our interventions, as reflected in our current Quality Policy, and our customers, who we serve with professionalism, so that in our desire to constantly improve customer service we are part of the ASTURIAS QUALITY CLUB, an association where companies are committed to training in excellence in service delivery.

For DAVELCO, the permanent search for excellence in the provision of service for those who trust us, has led us to raise the standards of quality, that is why we are certified under the ISO 9001:2015 standard by Bureau Veritas.

One of our great values is the human team we have built up, a young and at the same time experienced staff thanks to the policy of labour stability implemented in the company from its beginnings. Therefore, the permanent motivation of our staff and their involvement in the business project, together with the specialization and professional training, are mechanisms that unite the staff in order to provide a good service to our clients.

Training, in DAVELCO is a practical and effective tool for preventing accidents and damage to people and property, increasing safety in the workplace and reducing the number of equipment breakdowns. Training contributes to improving prevention and professionalisation, which is why a company Training Plan is implemented annually in collaboration with our staff

We are an active and participative company, so in our permanent objective for business and sales improvement, we are linked to the most representative business associations in the region. We actively participate as partners in the ASTURIAN CONSTRUCTION CONFEDERATION- ASPROCON, and we are part of the team that represents the CAC in FADE, we are members of the ASTURIAN QUALITY CLUB, and we are members of ASEAMAC (RENTERS ASSOCIATION).

DAVELCO is a company committed to the sustainable development of our planet, which is why since the first times of the approval of the ODS Sustainable Development Objectives by the UN in 2015, we have joined their achievement to link ourselves and commit our actions to the new sustainable development agenda for 2030, and in this way we have adhered to the UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL COMPACT.

All in all, DAVELCO presents itself as a company backed by its track record and experience, consolidated in the machinery rental market, presided over by the values of honesty, responsibility, continuous improvement and customer service.

Quality Policy